Small Footprint

Made For Close Quarters

Rifle Caliber Pistol

Quad Rail

All The Features You Want

Right Out Of The Box

Modular Rail System

Light Weight With Low Recoil

Well Balanced

Perfect For Any Application

Includes Troy Alpha Handguard

Polished And Finely Tuned

Built Strong

To Handle Any Situation

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Patrol Elite Series
The Patrol Elite is our entry level MA15 rifle. This is the perfect model for someone looking to break into or modify their rifle based off the AR platform. The patrol Elite comes with some huge advantages including nitride treated and polished components. The gas block has a top picatinny rail.
Tactical Series
The Tactical comes with a modular hand guard from Troy. It includes 3 picatinny rail pieces that can be adjusted along the handguard for maximum efficiency. It is incredibly light weight and suited for any situation. This is a well balanced rifle from MMC Armory.
Recon Series
The Recon is one tough rifle. It’s quad rail system allows for many useful accessories. The trigger is enhanced and finely tuned, the buffer tube is polished for less perceived recoil, the rifle runs completely lubeless with several components in Nickel Boron and a Nitride treated barrel.


The MMC Armory rifle operating system is the traditional Direct Impingement as the AR style rifles are designed to operate. The mid-length gas system (approximately 9 inches long) solves several issues that are associated with carbine-length gas system (approximately 6 inches long).

The mid-length gas system creates less pressure at the bolt which virtually eliminates extractor issues, increases the bolt lock up time and reduces dwell time which equates to less perceived recoil. The gas operating system we use is a proven and reliable design.


All MMC Armory rifles can operate without lubrication. Nickel boron is a nickel coating that virtually eliminates corrosion while providing lubricating properties 3x greater than oiled chrome. The ability to run lubeless is a distinct advantage in high dust, extreme cold and wet situations where lubrication is a detriment by actually attracting contaminants and thickening. Even during regular target shooting the benefit of a lubeless rifle is the reduction of carbon building up on components which increases the possible round count between cleaning.


The full auto rated nickel boron bolt carrier group tremendously increases reliability. The MMC Armory nickel boron coated bolt carrier group (BCG) does not require any lubrication and it will increase the overall accuracy and performance of our MA15 rifles. The nickel boron coating is superior because it eliminates corrosion while providing lubricating properties greater than oiled chrome.
The ability to run our BCG without lube is a distinct advantage in dust, cold and wet situations where lubrication can actually attract contaminants that would otherwise cause malfunction. The full auto rating slightly increases lock up time, which increases the overall accuracy of our MMC Armory rifles.


MMC Armory rifle barrels are made of 4150 Chrome moly Vanadium steel alloy and nitride treated. 4150 has 25% more carbon content than traditional 4140 and is a more durable alloy.
Nitride treatment is a surface conversion technology where the steel is hardened while not decreasing the accuracy as occurs with adding a hard chrome lining. Nitride will never flake away as it is the steel and not just a layer of material added to the barrel. A Nitride treated barrel helps to reduce heat, retain accuracy and increase the life of the barrel. To further prevent the barrel from overheating the barrel is tapered 2” after the chamber to help with heat dissipation.


The MMC Armory triggers break crisply at 5 lbs with minimal take up and a short positive reset. The enhanced triggers are nitride treated tuned single stage triggers. Our single stage trigger features polished engagement surfaces on both the hammer and the trigger.

These are MMC Armory's five main features. Because of the aggressive rifle design, our MA15 line will outperform most rifles in their respective class. If you have not handled an MMC Armory rifle before we encourage you to find a dealer near you. We do not disappoint our customers.

MMC Armory

We are an all American firearms manufacturer with over 180 CNC Machines. We design and build our firearms in house with quality and precision. Our 250,000 sq ft facility is located in Mark, Illinois. We are ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certified from SAI Global. Click Here To Read More About MMC Armory

Customer Reviews

I’ve never heard of MMC Armory, but after handling their rifle at the counter I knew I had to have one. It’s incredibly well built.

Marcus Tilatti, Texas

Just purchased the Recon and it is one sick rifle. Hasn’t jammed on me once. The charging handle is smoothe as butter. Definitely gonna buy another complete upper from these guys.

Tim Allendorf, Oklahoma

I’m a little wary when it comes to new rifle companies. I was at a local store when I saw the Recon model. Glad I made the purchase. The Recon model is outstanding.

Tom Bertolet, Arizona

My husband and I compete in a local 3 gun competitions. I purchased the Tactical for it’s light weight and modular rail system. It’s a beautiful AR and the balance on it is perfect for a petite girl like me.

Jessica Berg, Texas

The Tactical is fierce. I am extremely happy with the decision to buy one of your rifles. It’s completely tricked out and shoots the way an AR should. I am glad you chose a gas operating system. Those pistons are unreliable.

Harles Burkhart, North Dakota

As a gun smith all I can say is, wow!

Eric Gurnaust, Florida

My brother is in the Marine Corps and he has your Recon rifle. After a day at the range with him I picked one up. I have not seen many rifles built with the attention to detail you put into yours. Awesome job.

Thinh Tran, Oregon

We attend the SHOT Show every year in Las Vegas, NV. This is where the world’s finest firearm manufacturers come to display their product line.

The NBS is a great place for us to talk to our dealers to show them the features of all our rifle product lines.

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