My brother is in the Marine Corps and he has your Recon rifle. After a day at the range with him I picked one up. I have not seen many rifles built with the attention to detail you put into yours. Awesome job. Thinh Tran, Oregon

As a gun smith all I can say is, wow! Eric Gurnaust, Florida

The Tactical is fierce. I am extremely happy with the decision to buy one of your rifles. It’s completely tricked out and shoots the way an AR should. I am glad you chose a gas operating system. Those pistons are unreliable. Harles Burkhart, North Dakota

My husband and I compete in a local 3 gun competitions. I purchased the Tactical for it’s light weight and modular rail system. It’s a beautiful AR and the balance on it is perfect for a petite girl like me. Jessica Berg, Texas

I’m a little wary when it comes to new rifle companies. I was at a local store when I saw the Recon model. Glad I made the purchase. The Recon model is outstanding. Tom Bertolet, Arizona

Just purchased the Recon and it is one sick rifle. Hasn’t jammed on me once. The charging handle is smoothe as butter. Definitely gonna buy another complete upper from these guys. Tim Allendorf, Oklahoma

I’ve never heard of MMC Armory, but after handling their rifle at the counter I knew I had to have one. It’s incredibly well built. Marcus Tilatti, Texas