Recon Raffle Winner

by / Monday, 17 February 2014 / Published in Contests, MMCA News, Trade Shows

Greetings, to all at MMC Armory,

I wanted to write a quick thank you to your company and all its personnel.  While attending Shot Show 2014 I was a lucky winner of a wonderful new rifle made by your company.  Being a gunsmith and having firearms as a major part of my life since I was just a child, I have often entered contests, but I have never won a firearm in my life until now–despite all of the many contests, giveaways, raffles or drawings that I have entered over the years. To win this rifle was an astounding and ecstatic moment in my busy life, so thank you.

I received my rifle within two weeks of Shot Show and while it was a free gun I was pleasantly surprised at the level of work that was done to a “production rifle”.  I am both a classically-trained and school-trained gunsmith and firearms instructor that works for the government and can appreciate good quality manufacturing as I have previous experience working in both the manufacturing and R&D sides of firearms for a couple of different gun companies.  I closely inspected the rifle and could not find a single flaw either in the construction, machining, or cosmetic features.  I have gauges for the AR family of rifles and because of being the person I am, I gauged the rifle. This included headspacing, barrel straightness, throat erosion (redundant on a new barrel), upper receiver straightness, trigger pull, and function check with dummy rounds.  Everything checked out to spec on this rifle.   This shows me that the MMC Armory staff on every level puts pride in the manufacturing of these rifles so as a “gun nut” you get another thank you.

I have not had a chance to fire this rifle as of yet but will get some range time this up coming week. I have installed some optics and BUIS on the rifle and, going by my careful inspection and professional assessment, if I was a betting man I would predict that it will perform flawlessly and shoot great.  Please keep up all the good work and know that you have an ally (with enough professional knowledge to understand the quality of work put into your products at every level) who will not hesitate in recommending your outstanding products.



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