Recon Raffle Winner

Greetings, to all at MMC Armory, I wanted to write a quick thank you to your company and all its personnel.  While attending Shot Show 2014 I was a lucky winner of a wonderful new rifle made by your company.  Being a gunsmith and having firearms as a major part of my life since I

Gunblast Review

Jeff Quinn from had the opportunity to test our MA 15 Tactical and here’s what he had to say about it, “The MMC Armory Tactical C16.1 is one of the best-balanced, best-handling AR-15 style rifles on the market. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price, as of the date of this review, is $1639 US. This MMC

PDW Full Auto Test

This is a short video of our Weapons Design Team testing the MMC Armory Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) in full auto. The PDW fires at a rate of 700-800 RPM. Currently, our PDW is the only rifle that has the ability to fire confidently in full auto setting. Unfortunately we are not offering the stock

Facebook Giveaway

We are giving away an Enhanced Trigger and Hammer Kit, and a Bolt Carrier Group. The winner will be randomly selected from the first 5,000 MMC Armory Facebook page likes. Visit our facebook page below and hit the like button to enter yourself into the drawing. Must be 18 and over to participate.

MA15 Rifle Features

This is a video showcasing our MA15 rifle line. Our rifles include a Polished Buffer Tube, Nickel Boron Full Auto Rated BCG, Nitride Treated Barrel, Finely Tuned Trigger, and Upper And Lower Receiver set that is made of 7075 T6. Right out of the box, this rifle is incredibly accurate and well built. Watch this

MMC Armory Safety Video

These are the four basic firearm safety rules we encourage everyone to follow at all times. Even the most seasoned shooters will tell you, your safety and those around you come first. Treat every rifle as if it is loaded, never point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy, always keep your

MA15 Tactical

The Tactical comes with a modular hand guard from Troy. It includes 3 picatinny rail pieces that can be adjusted along the handguard for maximum efficiency. It is incredibly light weight and suited for any situation. This is a well balanced rifle from MMC Armory.