Spanish scientists conducted experiments with 84 adult men to find out what products make them sexually satisfied.

According to the findings, 60 grams of nuts a day significantly improve men’s health, and some types of nuts and enhance the quality of sperm.

This is stated in a study published in the Nutrients Journal.

The subjects, who were divided into two groups, followed a Western-style diet – they had plenty of animal fatty foods, moderate amounts of fruit and vegetables, but one group added regular consumption of walnuts nuts, hazelnuts, and almonds – only about 60 grams of nuts a day. 

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After 14 weeks, all participants were asked to complete questionnaires related to their sex life. As told by the participants who consumed nuts, they began to get more pleasure from sex, the sensations during orgasm became more vivid.

Also, scientists have made a preliminary conclusion that the addition of nuts in the diet increases libido and improves erection. This statement will continue to be investigated.

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